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email  homepage Laser distance measurer 
Design a friend 
think so. In heart, laser distance meters are not rigid instrument or unhandy tools, theyre approachable friends.Laser distance meter manufacturer 
From S2, the classic model to M2, the upcoming sexy model, theyre different, they broke through changeless appearance design, and reformed the images of laser distance meters in users imagination. 
The most important part about product design is: ideas.designs precise instruments, Bosch makes tools.Distance meter  
thinks he is designing an everyday use electronic device. We can obviously find fashion, generalization, simplification and ease of use in design works.  
Design is not all about designers 
A good design should take all advantages of appearances, inside construction, circuits, and the software. Especially, product manager should be involved, to offer the product unique features. Product manager should understand users, what they think, what they want, how they react with the product, then he can design an admirable product which can meet users demands.Laser measure device 
has the world-class designers, also top-ranking product manager. They designed the extraordinary impressive laser distance meters. Just for simple examples: 
Pro S3: SMART function for professional users 
SMART OSs extendable functions, graphic interface, color screen enables the best measuring experiences.Laser meter 
function, there are tilt sensor, timing, leveler, thermometermeet the request in every conditions. 
Rock X3: toughness guarantees efficiency 
IP67, Waterproof, drop resistance, let construction worker ignore the hazardous environment and focus on what he is doing, so that efficiency can be greatly improved. 
2: love beauty, love homely measurement 
2 is thin, light, gorgeous and fashionable, mostly used in daily measurement jobs: placement of furniture, artworks, postersthe terminator of traditional tape.Laser measure tape 
This is the second bullet: precision and value-added design. 
Its always not easy for a young company to knock down an internationally recognized brand, moreover,and Bosch Tools has unbeatable capital advantages, sales channel advantages. But, from the basic technologies, cost performances, user experiences, product design, has surpassed these Giant Companies, and we can calculate, that its not far from winning and Bosch.
167. zoe 04:59:23, 02-03-2013
email  homepage Laser distance meter 
fills in blanks: China brand snipes international giants. 
and Bosch are monsters. But grew quietly but fast, accumulated the power to snipe international giants in just three years.Laser distance meter  
Learn, follow and surpass, its a proven way of China enterprises development, also marches on the routine road. But differently,always kept on mind that the only way to surpass international competitors, is to make differences.  
In the past three years, finished a lot of work, to accumulate the power to compete with world market leaders. Now, is nibbling a noticeable market share and finally, big guys began to watch him.Laser distance measurer 
Technologies and Patents 
invented the laser distance meter, we respect him. But Bosch grabbed half market share with another technical solution. Thats why and Bosch are watching, theyre worrying grabbing market share from THEM. 
The truth is: no one can prevent it from happening. 
adopts a different and patented technology to fulfill the same fast, accurate and long range distance measurement, WITH a great cost cutdown!Handheld laser distance meter  
A simple assemble of sender, receiver, lens, signal processing circuits, is far from enough for a precise measuring device. There still a huge amount of work should be done to improve its performance in sunlight, to compensate the drift and jitter of laser phase, to compile impacts of temperature or target objectsThe good news is, after a long and silent experiments, statistics, exactly know how to manufacture a perfect laser distance meter. 
A real laser distance meter is a natural confusion of hardware and software, not only low level programming, but also front end development.  
Thats the reason why introduced , the worlds first SMART measuring Operating System. The meaning of the birth of to laser measuring industry can be regarded as the birth of Macintosh to PCs. 
This is the first bullet: cost-performance and SMART .Laser distance measurement 
The design 
You see Made in China everywhere, but did you ever notice Designed in China? We can rarely find consumer products designed in China, not to mention laser distance meter, the products widely deemed to be instruments or tools. 
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