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email  homepage Many people have heard and understood the difference between solid and stranded electrical wire. One has multiple strands that equate to the same size as the solid strand of the same gauge. Therefore, if a 2 AWG wire has an outer diameter of .258 inches than the smaller copper strands of the "stranded" version will equate out to a .258 inches diameter as well. That way both wires will conduct the same amount of electricity but the stranded version will be more flexible than the solid version.
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email  homepage Other common uses for a 2/0 electrical wire would be in the portable cord industry. An extension cord is manufactured as a type of portable cord for use outdoors, for flexibility and to extend power from the source to the portable application such as a generator. However, extension cords that you have seen are most likely much smaller than 2/0 conductors. An industrial power cord would be used with 2/0 conductors for an application on an industrial building lot where very large power tools are being used in an area without power yet.
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email  homepage Large portable cord cables like that will also have quite a bit of rubber jacket protection against daily abuse from being dragged across pavement and run over by large industrial trucks. Talk to your supplier about the type of cable you need and how it will be used on a day to day basis to make sure it has enough protection to last as long as it's supposed to in the field.
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email  homepage That being said, in chronological order the gauge sizes increase in size like this: 4, 3, 2, 1, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0 and so on. Each size larger will have a thicker amount of copper to handle more amperage travelling through it. A 2/0 THHN wire is also commonly known as a "double zero gauge" or "2 ott wire".
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